Natal Chart & Solar Return Readings


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Either your Birth or Solar Return (Birthday) Chart Reading | 90 mins, Live, Online & Recorded | In person locally
Natal Chart & Solar Return Readings
Natal Chart & Solar Return Readings

A session to consider the celestials as you were born, took your first breath, and emerged into your physical embodiment. We discuss your energy, strengths, conflicts, relationships (both within and without), your passions, hopes, what makes you who you are, and your physical constitution with the elements. All of this can help in your developmental journey, your well-being, a cultivation of self-compassion, and experience of love. There are endless fruits to diving into your birth chart, including your own personal awareness across your life. My intention is that you will feel enriched, supported and resourced from deep within yourself.

Solar Return: Your Birthday
Every year we receive new solar energy and motivation for life’s overall sense of calling. The solar return map is like a blueprint for this stage of the journey. It is, literally, the event chart for the moment in which the sun returns to the exact degree you were born at. At this point, a chart can be created, giving you an impression of how life is cocreating with you this coming year. This session holds space for support, insight and key gems to emerge, tuning in with your own dreams, present-life reality and circumstances.

Astrology readings

Astrology readings

“The wisdom of ancient star and planetary history, often known through myth, speaks volumes to each one of us. We can take this unique ‘map’ we are born with, which continues to evolve with us, and peer through to behold multitudes of dimensions of vast proportions.”

Astrology in my life & practice:

When I was first offered an astrology consultation, I seriously considered whether to dive in or not. I had years of christian voices in my head telling me that yoga, astrology etc were wrong – I was worried it would control who I am, or pre-determine something about me I have no choice in. And, my thoughts years later as I continued to develop and refine my personal presence in the spiritual and astrological world: is it a load of spiritual crap, with little depth, nor basis?

I have been on a long journey with my spiritual & self-awareness path, and I have come to work with Astrology in a very basic, common-sense, well-studied way, yet mystical and rich. I am interested in getting it right, as far as I possibly can, while being open to the vast unknown. I have tried the big spiritualising, larger than life, getting lost in multi-dimensions experience… and arrived back on my two feet thinking: ok, that’s fun (some of it – other elements outright harmful)! What now? There’s no criticising of that experience, it has enrichened me deeply, but I have noticed how easily I can leave my body, and I personally need therapies and techniques to help me be here, today

My curiosity is in the present moment. How can Astrology help us live in our bodies, on the Earth, and contribute effectively towards stewarding our life well within the collective? How can it help us amidst the therapeutic journey we may be on, how can it support us as activists in a local and wider world calling for justice, liberation and peace? 

As a self-diagnosed autistic neurodivergent person, Astrology has gifted me with buckets upon buckets of patterns with which to make sense of a confusing reality, and to piece myself together. In this way, I love to help others understand their brains, body, and interconnection with reality too. 

My own chronic health journey led me to study Naturopathic Nutrition, which has connected well with my astrological skills, and I find I am quite adapt at merging the practices together, to understand my own medical astrology profile, as well as my case studies. I added in some Medical Astrology, taught by a Herbalist, and got very excited about this organic passion and skillset growing within me. 

I am also fascinated with the question of soul and spirit; how we contain an incredible force of energy within us, pulsing through our veins, and that which mysteriously interweaves us with everything really. I think it is pretty much animism that I am speaking of, the buzzing alive world around us, litteraly gagging to interact with us! This is how I approach Astrology, another part of nature. 

In short, Astrology is the study of our relationships with reality; ourselves, our environment, other people, the collective, and beyond.

The chart we are born with speaks to what we are birthing into. It offers us insight into how we interact, and also how we can support our body, mind, emotions and general wellbeing amidst the throws of life. 
I do not believe Astrology to be fixed, pre-determining of fate, nor in any way limiting to free choice. It simply shows us the restrictions that might affect our choices, and the landscape we might find ourselves in. It is literally a conversation, an evolving, real relationship with Nature. You can never know it all, as soon as you think you do, you don’t! Your life is a marvel, and no-one can tell you who you are. Only you can continue to discover and, of course, you will change as you do so too… 

What you can expect from Astrology with me:

The Astrology I provide is rooted in my passion for embodied presence. Inspired by my teacher – a Shaman and Counsellor – and continues to evolve through studies of Ancient Astrology, neurodiversity, trauma & psychology, archetypes, Herbalism & Naturopathy, and simplicty of presence.

Here are some themes that might be relevant in your session(s):

  • loving acceptance 

  • authentic expression, voicing what we’ve held back/been partly unconcious too 

  • cyclical living, and the challenge thereof in Western capitalism 

  • the nervous system

  • divergent life in general, inc spirituality, the brain, life choices etc

  • health challenges

  • deep soul process – understanding the self and being held by a greater reality

  • menstraul wellbeing

My life has, so far, travelled 15 years of devoted spirituality and fascinated learning, rooted in my experiences of challenge, pain and gentle overcoming. I am nourished by authentic being, cross-cultural adventures, esoteric musing, yogic practice, and daily connection with the land.

Read more about me and my background here.

Each aspect, each thread of our origins, each spark of life, is contained not only within our psyche, the makeup of our personality, but also within our cells, bodies and physical reality.

Training & Qualifications relevant to Astrology Counselling

  • 2 years learning from prior teacher, Lalita Karoli (mentioned above) – I was impacted by my first astrology reading with her & began to study in her mentorship. I have completed 2 courses online, as a beginner, and more intermediate onward practice, with further 1:1 online study.
  • Ongoing courses with Demetra George (currently in Advanced Astrology & Mysteries of the Dark Moon) Lalita was taught by Demetra George, a well-known leading Astrologer, who helped bring the emerging feminine (yin) Asteroid work into the mainstream: reuniting feminine (yin) qualities to a fairly masculine (yang) dominated modern astrological system. 
  • Various mini-courses/workshops on topics such as Psychological Astrology, the Venus Star, Medical Astrology.
  • A course in Astro-Herbalism by the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. This is such a richly in depth look at alchemy, herbalism and astrology combined, as a tool to provide healing counsel to clients: bridging heaven and earth, literally. I absolutely love how this course brings the cosmic down to earth.
  • 2021: I embarked on a qualification in Nutritional Therapy & Naturopathy with the School of Nutrition & Naturopathy (UK). This is an effective method based on tried & tested techniques and science, as well as the use of spirituality and astrology for cyclical treatment of health issues and ongoing support. 
  • I have past professional experience in social work, 1:1 client support in charitable organisations (British Refugee Council, European NGOs, overseas humanitarian projects).
  • 2023: student with Nightlight Astrology, working towards a professional qualification as an Astrologer in Hellenistic/Ancient specialisation.