My astrology reading with Emeline was so insightful and resonant. Her intuitive way of navigating the chart helped me to see difficult aspects of myself from a different & more comprehensive perspective of which messages and insights came through days after my reading. As an Astrologer, I am always so intrigued to hear of Emeline’s insights & knowledge of the asteroids. I feel as tough this brings such a deep and unique component to Emeline’s birth chart readings that have a weird and magical way of weaving in some of the deeper, darker aspects of the feminine goddess’ into the souls tapestry. As well as all of this, I am always lit up by the way Emeline holds such a loving and encouraging space that always supports me in seeing the gold in all aspects of my-self and my soul-self with no judgement.

Daisy, France

I had an amazing reading with Emeline. She has a wonderful poetic way of reading your chart, is very knowledgeable and incredibly positive yet real. Thank you Emeline, I received many insights from our session!

Linda, Australia

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy Emeline. This is so helpful and needed for me at this time.



Thank you so much again for yesterday, it was a most magical couple of hours.
Just to reiterate again that you have a gift and it was a real pleasure to receive my reading from you yesterday. Every word of it resonated and I was quite in awe when we had finished. Thank you so so much and best wishes for continuing this most exquisite work.

Lauren, UK

Emeline has a beautiful, bountiful, blissful knowledge of the stars. She shared openly and engaged with me sensitively. The session was supportive in helping me explore my current and next steps as well as healing and revealing of past experiences. What I particularly love is Emeline’s embodiment and passion for myths, stories and archetypes. This is not a realm I have easily known myself and I receive abundantly from her explorations. It’s a super gentle, sensual, connecting experience.

Paige, UK

It was great to meet you at Wild Canvas and your talk on the divine feminine in astrology was fascinating. I was really inspired by what you said about how astrology and charting helped you resonate deeper with yourself. I love the idea that the alignment of the universe can help with the journey to self love and self acceptance.

Poppy, UK

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