Yoga and Meditation with Emeline


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Yoga and Meditation with Emeline

Yoga is Union

an ancient practice of unfurling the unity of our gorgeous body, our beautiful mind, and our ecstatic spirit from within…

It is not about postures, breath, nor mantras…though, these do help hugely!
For me, the central heartbeat to Yoga is:

to dance with God & Goddess on the inside, then expressing however this might flow on the outside

Meditative Yoga

My classes create space for authentic experiencing of your body.
This is an opportunity to go within, and to learn to move from your own innate sense.
There are spirals, metaphores, all sorts of wonderful things to discover held within the wisdom of the physical body!
I guide us through the use of tools from Kundalini Yoga, Hatha and Womb Yoga.

My core passion is the state of prayer I find myself in, whether in or between postures, as I let go…

These are the states I would love to invite into our journey.
Elemental connections, nature and the heavens are guides in my practice, which I often love to share. 

Please see below for my experience and background, and my events page for upcoming Yoga, Meditative, Womb space events.
I will also be writing forth-coming blogs on these deeply nourishing, totally yummy topics. 

Since I moved to Totnes, I am in the process of finalising plans for classes in the physical – keep a look out! 
I may also do online classes should that be possible in good time.

My Experience & Qualifications

  • I am qualified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher with Amrit Nam Sarovar, and was inspired and taught in my previous home of St Albans by Laura Hinde

  • Womb journeyer through Menstrual practices including Womb Yoga (see Lou Stanion here) and Wild Power immersion with the Red School

  • ‘Priestess’ training in ‘Sacred Body Awakening’ with Anaiya Sophia, with a further 1 and a half years supporting Anaiya as her personal assistant. 

  • The Masters’ Way led by my teacher, Har Nal Kaur. A 3-year course of deep self-love & acceptance, communing with the heavens and the wisdom of Earth’s love. My qualities of support for this journey are; Mother Mary, Lord Kuthumi and Quan Yin.